Writing My First Children’s Book: How I Got Started

book imageI started writing my first children’s book recently and the process was a little tedious at first but I am making great progress. The book is one of many to come in a series called Ellen Star. Ellen Star is my wife’s name and I wanted to name the character after her. I started this book well over a year ago and came across some stumbling blocks along the way, but I finally recovered and now getting things finished. I had written the story in about  a week and thought I was going to fly right through the process until I couldn’t make my mind up on the character design.

Watch Video Below To My Children’s Book Drawings

Writing my first children’s book is really fun and if you want to write your own children’s books then follow my website and YouTube channel. I will take you through the process of the good, bad, and ugly of getting started. There are only a few road blocks I ran into and this is because I am really picky designing my own graphics.

From my experience so far I would recommend that you outsource your graphics if you have the money to spend. I wanted to save as much money as I could so I decided to create the whole book myself, but it does have it’s drawbacks. Here is a short list of the issues I ran into creating this children’s book myself.

  1. Graphics – I dreaded trying to draw 27 graphics for the book and procrastinated 1 year.
  2. Character Concept – I had trouble deciding on the style of the main character.
  3. Medium to Use – I tried doing the graphics digitally but didn’t like them, I tried watercolor but the paper was too wet. Finally went with color pencil.
  4. Compiling The Book –  I had to learn how to use Create Space which took a while to publish the book, and publishing is still in progress as of 12-28-2016.


Even though these roadblocks are just a few, I still enjoy the process of writing my first children’s book and I will at least know how to make life easier on the second book.

What about you? Have you ever written a children’s book before, or planning on doing it? I would love to hear your feedback.





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