Get Back to The Simple Methods of Painting

Remember when we first started learning to paint that we began with the simple methods such as still life, and not adding too much detail so that we didn’t take away from the focus of the painting? Now that we have evolved into using digital mediums that simulate oils, acrylics, and pastels, we have seemed to gotten more tools to help us put in more detail that we couldn’t do with traditional mediums. People are every where on the internet showing us new tutorials on how to use this digital software (me included) and our art includes more detail now than ever. Sometimes even in my work I see too much detail.

simple oil paintingI was playing around with my mobile painter app the other night and I started painting a background of many colors using the oil brushes and I thought to myself; why not do a simple basic painting like we use to do? I thought about it and it felt good and I miss that.

This painting is a salad dressing bottle with two flowers from the yard that is sitting upon a homemade wooden table with an apple beside it. There is nothing else around it to take away from the title I gave this painting, “The Simple Things”. You really don’t see a lot of simple paintings anymore. I think it does an artist good to get back to the simple methods of painting every now and then.

I was looking around the office at work and ran across some paintings that where just like this. There was a vase with a few flowers on a table with an abstract background, and It confirmed what I have been feeling and thinking about simplicity. I won’t stop painting the more detail pieces but I will not forget the simple methods of painting whether it be with oils, pastels, watercolors, or whatever.

I like seeing this style of work because it reminds me where I came from and it shows me how far I have come. You have heard the old saying; “we have got to get back to our roots” this is it right here. It really is a great feeling painting something simple and basic as the paining I showed you above.

Back to The Basics with Traditional Mediums

pastel paintingBesides just going back to the basic painting styles in painting simple artwork, I like to move back from digital painting to traditional work. When I first discovered digital art it was new and and less messy, plus I saved on supplies. I have found myself getting back to the basics using traditional mediums again and it is fun.

This is a pastel painting I did using pastel paper and soft pastels. Sometimes the mess is fun and the process is a little different too. I thought when I transferred over to digital art that I would stay with it forever until I started missing the traditional method. There is nothing like sitting down away from the computer and painting on paper or canvas.

Digital mediums and traditional mediums will both still have a part in my life as I create my work, and choosing the right medium will usually depend on my mood and the type of art I choose to create. You don’t have to throw one or the other away, you should just learn to find the right balance of both that suits you as an artist.

What about you? Do you use digital mediums, or do you use just traditional , or both? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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