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Best Sharpener For Color Pencils And Pastel Pencils

Hey guys I wanted to shoot this quick video post to show and tell you what I use to sharpen my color pencils and pastel pencils with. If you’ve ever tried using an electric pencil sharpener then you know sometimes it can eat your pencils up. I use the Prisma Color pencil sharpener, it does a really nice job of getting your pencils sharp. The lead is strong after sharpening and it won’t break like they do with most electric sharpeners. I got mine from Amazon and it was really cheap and I think you should get one and start using them too.

Best Sharpener For Color Pencils Video

The Prisma Color pencil sharpener does a better job than the electric pencil sharpener in my opinion. I like having the manual control over how many turns to give my pencils, and it helps me to get my pencils sharp while having a strong lead that doesn’t break.

You can feel the pencil as you sharpen it and tell if it is turning freely or still grabbing the blade. Once the pencil starts to turn freely then you know it is sharp and you can stop turning it to avoid over sharpening.

Let me know what you think. Have you tried the Prisma Color pencil sharpener?

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