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best color pencil sharpener

Best Sharpener For Color Pencils And Pastel Pencils

Hey guys I wanted to shoot this quick video post to show and tell you what I use to sharpen my color pencils and pastel pencils with. If you’ve ever tried using an electric pencil sharpener then you know sometimes it can eat your pencils up. I use the Prisma Color pencil sharpener, it does […]


What Medium To Use For Children’s Book Graphics

I want to show you what medium to use for children’s book graphics and why I have chosen this medium as a preference. Ultimately the medium you use will depend on what style you are looking for such as; hand drawn look, marker look, but either way make sure they are kid friendly graphics. I […]


How I Designed My First Children’s Book: The Process I Used

I want to share how I designed my first children’s book and the process I used for making sure that I draw my character’s the same with consistency. If you have a hard time drawing things to look the same then this tip will help you. It doesn’t matter if you are drawing with pencil […]


Writing My First Children’s Book: How I Got Started

I started writing my first children’s book recently and the process was a little tedious at first but I am making great progress. The book is one of many to come in a series called Ellen Star. Ellen Star is my wife’s name and I wanted to name the character after her. I started this […]


Learn How to Create Art with Spray Paint

Anyone can learn how to create art with spray paint even if you have no advanced painting skills. This new found art creation method will make you a rock star artist using simple to learn techniques. One other bonus is that spray paint is fairly cheap versus traditional paints. It is fun to learn and […]