What Medium To Use For Children’s Book Graphics

color pencil mediumI want to show you what medium to use for children’s book graphics and why I have chosen this medium as a preference. Ultimately the medium you use will depend on what style you are looking for such as; hand drawn look, marker look, but either way make sure they are kid friendly graphics.

I have chosen to use color pencil as my choice of medium for my children’s book graphics and the reason I have chosen color pencil is because of the paper I use. I use Canson mixed media paper. The color pencil doesn’t buckle the paper like watercolor, or acrylic paint does.

I did try to use watercolor on this paper but it buckled the paper and I have to let the paint dry and then iron the back of the art to make it smooth where I could scan it. This was too much work and I wanted to finish my book sooner. Acrylic paint will do the same.

Perfect Medium For Children’s Book Graphics

Color pencil was the perfect medium for my children’s book graphics as I already mentioned because it is kid friendly and doesn’t make my paper buckle. The medium helps me to work really fast on my book like I wanted to do without having to iron the pages before scanning.

I like the hand drawn look I get with color pencil and since it is a kids book, I don’t mind if I color outside the lines with it. This is something that kids can relate too.

Could I Use Watercolor?

Sure you could use watercolor as long as you prepare for it. One thing you have to keep in mind is the types of watercolor paper you use. Even though some paper says it is for watercolor it will still buckle if you apply too much water. If you must use watercolor then get stronger paper and don’t apply too much water.


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