Plein Air Art In The Spring

Creating plein air art in the spring is one of the best times of the year to do it, but there are a few drawbacks to being outside in the early spring, and there are a few bonuses. I use the term plein air art because I am also a graphite artist and I love to draw landscapes in pencil. Plein air isn’t just for painter’s, even though I paint some myself. Lets look at the pros and cons of painting or drawing outside during the early springtime and let me tell you how you can overcome the cons and turn them all into positive influences.

spring time grass This Picture was taken today April 7, 2015, so I could show you how green the grass is and that the daisy’s are up and spring is in the air! There is nothing like being outside when the sun is shining and yet you get a nice breeze of wind. It is neither cold or hot, but just perfect weather. This is one reason why creating your plein air art in the spring is the perfect time – we can stand to be outside without getting too hot or too cold.

This is one of the huge pros of creating your art in the spring. Another great bonus is that everything looks beautiful. You see all of the colors of the flowers, the trees, and the bright green grass, it is perfect for painting landscapes. One other plus about springtime is the time change. I guess this will determine where you are living in the world, but I live in the United States in Georgia, so right now it stays daylight longer this time of the year.


Now we can beat the cons but lets look at them and address your concerns. For some people it is hard being outside in the early spring because of the pollen, but if you stay equipped with the proper medications then you can overcome those seasonal allergies. Always talk to your doctor about how to cope with being out in the weather like this. Besides allergies, the wind can be a factor unless you are painting on a canvas, then all you have to keep secure is your paint and other small items.

You can create or buy a small box to put your paint, palette knives, and brushes into, but if you are using paper then you will want to invest in some large rubber bands  to put around each end of the pad to hold the paper still in the wind. You can also buy those large black metal clips that holds large stacks of paper together to secure each end of the drawing pad.

I hope I have given you some good tips about getting out there and creating your plein air art in the spring. If you have some tips that you would like to share about this, please comment, I would love to hear more ideas.

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