Newest Painting Using Corel Painter Mobile

I recently purchased Corel Painter Mobile and wanted to share my newest painting I created using the software. Before I show you the painting, I will say that there is a free version of this software that you can download from the Google Play store with the option to buy the pro version. I purchased the pro version right away since it was only a measly $4.99 and you do get more brushes with the pro version. I think the free version only has about 16 brushes you can use and since I already own painter 2015 for my Mac, I thought I would take the plunge and get the pro version so I can use more brushes.

Corel Painter Mobile is really great when you are on the go and are just itching to draw or paint something. You know how it is when you have something on your mind that you want to try and draw or paint, and you cannot wait? Painter mobile lets you sneak away and dabble with your new ideas.The mobile version isn’t packed with features like the desktop of course, but I was really surprised at the features it does have. Let me show you the newest painting I created using Corel painter Mobile and I will explain what features this software has.

tree paintingI will talk about some of the features as I explain about this painting and the device I used. I installed painter mobile on my 7 inch Nextbook Android tablet, this is just the right size for carrying around on the go and is larger than a cell phone. You can click this image to enlarge it, but I purposely downsized it to protect it.

The original canvas size was 1000px wide by 531px tall. You will also be glad to know that you have the option to send it to painter through the software and in return they will email you a psd of the painting with all the layers in tact. Once I got my psd file, I then opened it up in Photoshop and resized the image to 4000px wide by 2000px tall without losing quality since all the layers were there in tact.

You could actually tweak your paintings inside Photoshop if you wanted to on each layer as if you created it in Photoshop. You can always export to Photoshop from corel painter anyway. I could have originally created this large canvas size in corel mobile from the start because you can take two fingers and resize the canvas down to fit your window, and even rotate the canvas as well. I really couldn’t have painted a better picture using a desktop version of Photoshop versus using Corel Painter Mobile.

Does Corel Painter Mobile Lack Features?

The only thing I didn’t find in the brushes are the blur brushes. As of this posting I haven’t done every tweak that you can do with the brushes, but as far as a straight out blur tool, I didn’t see one. This is a minor issue since you can import your work into Photoshop to blur anything you want. You can even create custom brush variants inside painter mobile and save them so this means you will actually get more than just 70 brushes with the pro version once you create custom variants.

Another feature that is kind of limited are the amount of single layers you can have. I didn’t know this was an issue while painting this tree landscape so I didn’t count the layers I had before the software told me that I couldn’t create anymore layers. There is a way to get around this. You have to merge down a few of your layers to free up your available single layers. You do have to make sure that you are not going to need to tweak anything on a specific layer before you merge it, otherwise once you combine those layers together, your single element is gone. You have to merge layers if you are adding a lot of detail to a painting.

If you are one of those artist that likes to paint everything one one layer then you don’t have to worry about this issue. Some artist paint and blend everything on one layer and just add other layers for their highlights and shadows. Corel Painter Mobile is perfect for this. All in all I do like this software and I think my newest painting I did using corel painter mobile didn’t turn out that bad. I wish they had this software available for the Iphone. Right now you can only get it on the android devices.

What about you, have you tired painter mobile yet? Share your likes or dislikes about it.

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