Do You Know What Type of Artist You Are

Most of the time when we are growing up, we decide that we want to paint pictures because they look good in color. Maybe we want to just draw them because we like drawing with pencils, but do you know what type of artist you are? I sure didn’t know when I began painting and drawing. You can learn to do it all such as; painting, graphite drawing, pastels, and more, but one of these you will be better at naturally and the others you will simply learn how to do. Let me tell you my story to clarify this better.

In 1987 I saw how my sister was painting nice pictures and that got me wanting to do the same thing. She painted landscapes and boy they looked pretty. I was amazed at how she could take a paint brush and some paint and turn it into an old barn that looked really close to the real thing. That same year I decided that I was going to do that too so I was at my grandmother’s house sitting on her couch with a canvas and some paint thinner, one paint brush, and acrylic paint.

I had no plan and no idea what I was going to paint, so I just started painting and added things as I went. My grandmother thought it was the best painting in the world but when I look at it today I think to myself; did I paint that? Man, I can do better than that. I still have the painting and because it was my first painting, it is special to me.

my first painting

This painting is 28 years old now and has been stored in a package but still looks in pretty good shape. All of this was done with one paint brush and no pencil used to draw anything. I told you this story to get to the main point here. I am a graphite artist, I am better with the pencil than I am with the paint brush, although I have learned to paint better and mix colors over the years. The pencil just comes natural to me, and when I paint with pastels, I use the pastel pencils because I am more of a pencil artist. With this clarification, do you know now what type of artist you are?

When I say “the type of artist you are” I mean what comes more natural to you and not what you have learned to do. It could be what you have learned to do as long as it feels more comfortable to you. The point is, what we want to do and what we are really good at are two different things. Another example is that I got away from my art for a little while because I was trying to make money online. I tried to become an online marketer selling products that I didn’t know much about.

Then I finally realized that I can still market my artistic abilities and sell my own work and stay in the niche that I was familiar with. Just stay focused on what you know and what you are good at, and this applies to anything whether you are an artist or not. Getting back on topic here, you should now have enough information to search yourself and find out what type of artist you really are and go with it full speed. Do you wear many hats? Let me hear your story.

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