Concept Art Digital Painting

I have decided to take my art into another area which is concept art digital painting. I have already painted my first piece today and it isn’t too bad, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. The painting that I did is a concept painting of space. It depicts spacecraft lurking in the sky and shooting their laser beams onto a made up city catching the buildings on fire. This is not something that I would want to see happen in real life, but it is a form of concept art that isn’t real – kind of like something you will see in futuristic movies. Below is a smaller image of the work, and you can see it in my gallery as well.

concept digital painting of spaceThis painting is made up of custom brushes and drawings and paintings that I have done inside of Photoshop. This type of art isn’t that complicated to do once you gain knowledge oh how to use the tools in Photoshop, and learn what each tool does. It is always best to use layers anytime you paint anything digitally, so you can edit each element as you need to. If I were to paint on one single layer and later decide to change something, it would be more difficult to make those changes without messing up the rest of the painting.

Once you get each element painted the way you are satisfied with then you can group or merge those layers to make your work space cleaner. Like almost any other concept piece this one started out in a gray scale painting and then I added clipping mask of images to make it come alive. I used different parts of pictures that I cut out to make up all of the buildings in this painting and laid them on top of my hand drawing and used the clipping mask feature in Photoshop to give them the shapes they have. The center pieces that make up the windows came from the pictures I cut out for the clipping mask.

What is Concept Art?

This definition is in my own words and it needs to be explained so that people won’t think that concept artist are crazy and weird. First of all we don’t want to blow up the planet or create real life monsters. It is something that isn’t real but only thought up from the imagination of the artist. Most concept art is used in video game design, and some is created just for fun. You create all types of custom brushes to help paint your concepts in a gray scale template and then you slowly add to this by using color, and images.

Most of the time when an artist starts out he or she doesn’t know what they are going to paint until they make many sweeps across the canvas with their custom brushes and visualize what they see in the patterns of the brush strokes. This is the method I used with my concept digital painting of space you see in the image above. I have the square custom brushes I made and when I painted a few strokes and saw that they resembled buildings, I then built upon that. Once I started with the ideas of buildings, the rest just came to me as I painted the gray scale picture. This in a nutshell is what concept art is all about.

Concept Artist Alex Ruiz

My inspiration for becoming a beginner concept artist came from a man name Alex Ruiz. I was selling my graphite drawings through Fine Art America and browsing through other artist that were selling their paintings fairly well. I came across some of Alex Ruiz’s work and I thought that it was amazing. I clicked a link on his art page that took me to a course on his website, so I bought it and have been picking up some great tips from him. Alex teaches everything from how to create concept art to making custom brushes in Photoshop and is a great course. I also follow him on YouTube as well.

The only problem I have with getting started putting his work in action is trying to pry myself away from watching his videos. I enjoy watching his great talent and before I realize it, time has gone by and I don’t have time to start working on my own work. I did manage to set some time aside today and create my first painting.

How about you? Have you ever tried concept art before? I would love to hear from you about your experiences, or desire to give it a try.

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